Berlin Photo Diary 2014 – The Alley

Walking late June on the alley south to Landwehrkanal in Berlin, Kreuzberg, somewhere here.


(Tone mapped and one light post removed with Photoshop.)
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Berlin Photo Diary 2014 – At the Hauptbahnhof

This gallery contains 4 photos.

What is the main thing at the railway stations? Departure. Arrival. The travelers. The people. Also in Berlin, though the new (opened 2006) main railway station “Berlin Haubtbahnhof” next to the Spree river is a grand building and node for … Continue reading

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Berlin Photo Diary 2014 – Ai Weiwei

Unfortunately you can not see Ai Weiwei‘s works in Berlin any more. The extensive exhibition “Evidence” of this Chinese artist and dissident was closed a couple of weeks ago.


Stools (2014)

The main work, over six thousand simple Chinese stools, filled the floor of the main hall of Martin-Gropius-Bau. The stools, many made and used already during the Ming (1368–1644) and Qing (1644–1912) dynasties, carry the marks of sometimes hundreds yours of life.

I’m thinking: the Chinese people, individuals, were and are sitting on the stools, in the morning, during the day, evenings and over the night. They are at home. They sit on the street side. They are in a factory making toys for export. But we, the well-doing citizen of the world – in China, in Europe, where ever – do not see them. We are walking over them. We are ignoring them. We do not care. The mass of antique stools reflect today’s world.


Dumbass (video, 2013)

This is a capture of the tv screen showing Ai Weiwei’s video “Dumbass”. See the video here. It shows, how surreal 81 day long capture in 2011 due to “economic crimes” was. Worth to see!


Circle of Animals | Zodiac Heads (part, 2011)

This is the head of the tiger from “Circle of Animals / Zodiac Heads”, gold plated bronze work. The zodiac heads were originally designed by two European Jesuits serving in the court of the Qing dynasty during 18th century, and was sited in the European-style gardens of the Old Summer Palace (Yuanming Yuan). See video about this work.



Study of Perspective (part, started 1995)

“Study of Perspective” stopped seeing the well-known landmarks in a new light. Also Helsinki Cathedral and the ferry to Sweden got their pictures. The sign on the wall described the 40 or so photographs:



Marble Rebar (2012)

On 2008 a massive earthquake hit Sichuan, 70,000 people were dead and left close to 5 million people homeless. Over 7000 schools were destroyed due to poor quality. Children were buried under the collapsed buildings. Ai Weiwei and his team collected 200 tons of steel rebar from the disaster area and created several works of art of that material, including marble replicates of the twisted rebars. See the video.


The exhibition catalogue of “Evidence” is here, giving more insight about the works.

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Berlin Photo Diary 2014 – Churchill, Sadat, Katainen, Obama …

While walking randomly on the streets of Berlin, my company noted a familiar face on the wall of a hotel.

You probably know who was Winston Churchill or Anwar Sadat. And you know who is Barack Obama. But do you know who is Jyrki Katainen? I know.

Prime Minister Churchill in UK, president Sadat in Egypt and president Obama in USA were/are de facto leaders of their countries. Katainen is the ex prime minister of Finland (and the current EU economic affairs commissioner selected today).  - But in Finland we have also the president who is also the head of state above the prime minister; it is not just in a ceremonial role.

I can understand why the Hotel President in Berlin will hang the pictures of  the well-known political leaders on the wall. But why Jyrki Katainen? He is not (yet) in the same rank as the others. (Note, that I have no intention or reason to underrate the political skills or achievements of Katainen. I just don’t see the connection.)

And when the images were erected? In this Google Street View picture taken July 2008 the images are not yet there. I took the pictures below on 29 June, so something has happened during these six years.

Ok, I did not step in the hotel and ask the staff. This way it is much more mysterious …



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Berlin Photo Diary 2014 – Street art and smudge

This gallery contains 5 photos.

Not all graffiti is good, not even in Berlin. But many are. You are the judge. I photographed these late June on the southern side of the Landwehrkanal between Hallesche Tor Brücke (bridge) and Alexandrinenstrasse in Kreuzberg. You can read more about … Continue reading

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Berlin Photo Diary 2014 – The perspective

I spent some time in Berlin this summer. I’ll post during the coming days and weeks my views and thoughts from that visit.

* * *

What is the meaning of the perspective?

Here are two works of art in Mehringplatz, Kreuzberg in Berlin. The mural (wall painting) is made by Don John, a Danish artist, finalized just a few weeks ago in June 2014. The aluminium statue “Woher kommen wir, wohin gehen wir” (1974) on the street is by a German artist Rainer Kriester.

20140629-G16-7761Did Don John think that these two different works of art could be be combined if you you stand in a one specific spot?

20140629-G16-7764Then I stopped for a while to think what is the meaning of the colorful birds flying out of the head of the hooded person. My first thoughts: freedom to speak, equality of people, happiness of the individuality.


What do you think?

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Anthony Jackson, the six-string bassist

Happy belated birthday, Anthony Jackson!

American Anthony Jackson (b. 23 June 1952) played with Japanese pianist Hiromi and Brittish drummer Simon Phillips in April Jazz, Espoo Finland a year ago. I loved his energetic playing style with a six-string bass he developed early 1970′s.

In this video you can see and hear the play of this great trio.

If you like to know more about Jackson and his thoughts, read this Bass Musician Magazine article by Jake Kot.


Click any picture to see it larger.


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