Seen on the streets of Paris 1978

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Paris, seen by an aimless but curious traveller with a camera in July 1978. (Click a picture to open the gallery.)

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Isle of Skye 1978

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The most western large island of Scotland, Isle of Skye and there the village of Uig  was my utmost destination during my interrail and hitchhike trip in summer 1978. I planned to spend the night in the youth hostel of … Continue reading

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Berlin Photo Diary 2014 – “I stole my sister’s boyfriend”


Sign of Goo. Shop for used design cloths at Oderbergerstrasse 45, Berlin

But what ‘Goo’ was originally? It was an album of Sonic Youth, an American alternative rock band, released 1990.

The drawing in the sign was the cover of the album, made by Raymond Pettibon. His inspiration was a photo of the witnesses in the case of the Moors murders serial killers, taken by unknown paparazzi 1966.

So, what we can see as a sign of a shop is a) a design based on b) an album cover using c) a drawing, which was based on d) a photograph in a magazine.

Efficient re-use of a photograph, isn’t it.

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Forms of rocks in the skerry of Bengtskär

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Rocks and calm sea around Bengtskär lighthouse (Gulf of Finland) during early morning and late evening last September. (All images are HDR renders of three pictures.)

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Berlin Photo Diary 2014 – Street maze

Karlshorster Strasse, Berlin, 1 July 2014

Karlshorster Strasse, Berlin, 1 July 2014

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Berlin Photo Diary 2014 – About new architecture

Two different views to the new architecture in Berlin.

The first is a site of new buildings of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, BMBF) on the northern side of river Spree, at Kapelle-Ufer Street. Administrative style?

20140701-G16-8197_8_9The second view is from Nöldnerstrasse, an apartment house near Ostkreuz train station.  How to categorize this style?


(I’m not pretending to know much about architecture. I just try to keep my eyes open …)


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Travelling in Europe 1978, and about now

I was interrailing and hitchhiking in Europe in 1978.

I recently scanned some of the slides I took during the trip and wondered if could I find the same locations today. And I found, with the help of Google street view.

Some of the locations were not that easy to locate, as I had no information in the slide frames. Here are the comparisons.

Click any picture below to open the gallery.


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