Chuck Mangione Quartet in Pori Jazz 1974

Chuck Mangione (1940 -) with his hat and flugelhorn – and Pori Jazz 1974. Great combination.

In his quartet played Gerry Niewood (sax and cowbell, 1943-2009), Joe (Joseph) LaBarbera (drums, 1948 -) and Edward Williams III (bass, does somebody know something about his whereabouts?).


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Easter Witches in Finland

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Do not be surprised if you are seeing witches, black cats and other animal-like features during Easter in Finland. This is a 200 year old tradition in Finland and Sweden.  They walk from home to home, looking forward to get … Continue reading

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Your vote is needed! Help MyKontiki to win a startup competition

A Finnish startup is developing a new service MyKontiki, an online adventure travel community and a mobile social challenge game not seen before. Now your support is needed, that we can make this a service for all of us, globally. (No need to hide this: I have a high interest in this being the partner in this startup.) We are now competing in The Summit, one of the big startup programs in the world.

The Summit Kilimanjaro is a competition where three startup founders who apply to be part of ALPHA at The Summit can win and join a group of leading tech entrepreneurs, investors and influencers on the trip of a lifetime. They will climb Africa’s highest mountain in June, and in November share their stories at The Summit in Dublin.

The competition is tough. Initially there were over 2100 startups. After the first screening 200 was selected to the second round, MyKontiki among those. The next 50 will be selected via an open voting based on one minute videos.

Help us to be among those 50!

It’s easy. Just open the link below, and click ‘Like’. (Note: You need to have Facebook account to do that.) You have one week to do that. The voting ends on Friday 18 April.

Below is a screenshot you will see when you open the link or click the image.

Näyttökuva 2014-4-12 kello 10.56.32

What else you can do to help us?

  • Share this in our Facebook page.
  • Re-post this in WordPress.
  • Tweet this blog or the link.
  • Google plus this.
  • Email this to your friends.

Some words about the service: MyKontiki is still in beta phase. The user interface needs to be polished. There are bugs. Language and used expressions need to be checked. (Note that you can register using English or Finnish language version.). See this video to learn more about MyKontiki.

This is the world of Lean Startup life. We must be brave enough to ask user feedback in a very early stage of the development, and change our direction – pivot – when needed and as quickly as possible. – I appreciate if you let us know what you think about MyKontiki.

(I know mine, but) “What’s your next adventure?”


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Lunch leftovers?

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Seen in Stockholm, Sweden, on a black steel statue in the center of the city.

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Weird chess board

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The Queen, the King and the Knight: what’s in their bags? Sergel’s Square (Sergels torg) in Stockhom, the Kingdom of Sweden

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The men in red jackets

This is a bit out-dated post, but I guess it’s better this way … Pictures taken in last December in Charlottenburg Palace Christmas Market in Berlin.

"Would you like a train ride? Please, buy a ticket!"

“Would you like a train ride? Please, buy a ticket!”

"Run! There are still some free seats in the carousel!"

“Hurry up! There are still some free seats in the carousel!”

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