Maybe the most impressive photo exhibition 2014

What was the most impressive photography exhibition I saw this year? Hard to say, but a strong candidate is Marja Pirilä’s exhibition in Galleria Heino in Helsinki.

I have selected one piece of art – not a typical photograph – from that exhibition: The Birth of a Photograph/Encyclopedy Camera obscura. For me it tells about photography in so many levels: time and stagnation, history and future, facts and dreams, handcraft and copying, novelty and reuse of ideas  …

Marja Pirilä writes about the work:

“In The Birth of a Photograph/Encyclopedy Camera obscura, a pile of old encyclopaedias has gone through a metamorphosis. The series depicts the birth of a photograph in both a physical and literal sense. I produced this work in collaboration with photographer Petri Nuutinen.”



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The eyes of Hämarik (Twilight)

In front of Viru shopping center in Tallinn, Estonia, you can find this lovely lady. She is Hämarik, or Twilight, a statue made by Mare Mikoff, Estonian sculptor. Especially the eyes of Hämarik got quite an attention in POTN photography forum already many years ago (see the smaller image).

A couple of weeks ago the weather was rainy in Tallinn, so a perfect time to re-shoot this tall (5 meter!) lady. Here you can see how she is protecting her head from rain in a dress made of Christmas light chains.


“Hämarik” by Mare Mikoff on 29 November 2014.

René & Peter van der Krogt have collected information about statues all over the world. I copied here the legend of Hämarik.


“Hämarik” by Mare Mikoff on 16 August 2006.

According to a legend, in ancient times Eve (Hämarik) had a task of putting out the light of the sun every evening and Dawn had to light up the fire every morning. In northern countries summer is the time of white nights. At this time the two met and gave the sun to each other, and fell in love with each other. The Creator, whom they both served, noticed that and suggested to arrange their marriage. That way they could still do their job and be happy at the same time. But lovers refused, claiming that their love would always be fresh and new, if they could forever remain just bride and bridegroom. The Creator respected their wish and blessed them.


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Jazz in Finland during 1970’s and 2010’s

This is a video made of jazz pictures I took during 1970’s and 2010’s. This was the event, when I had a premier of this video. Maybe it was not a global success, but I had an enthusiastic audience. I liked that. I have also posted earlier many of the pictures in the video. Some are new.

(This video might not viewable in all countries due to music IP rights. Sorry about that.)

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We Jazz 2014: Kari Ikonen Trio

We Jazz 2014 offered top Finnish jazz yesterday night in Ääniwalli club in Helsinki: Kari Ikonen Trio played  mainly composed modern jazz.

Pianist Kari Ikonen and drummer Markku Ounaskari are the two latest who has been nominated  to be the jazz musician of the year in Finland. The bassist Ara Yaralyan is also top musician in Europe today.

Truly enjoyable concert.

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Helsinki by night in December 2014

December has been temperate in southern Finland. No snow, no ice. I took these three shots of the dark city three days ago. Three different subjects, three different postprocessing.

The first image is a traditional Christmas time view to the Helsinki Cathedral.I was one of the many taking this picture. (One image, hand-held, standard postprocessing, 1/30s, f/4.0, ISO 3200.)

In the second picture is a cruise ship (or ferry) almost ready to sail to Stockholm, Sweden. (Combination of two images of different exposures, to make sky more dramatic, 1/5s, f/4.0, ISO 3200.)

The third image is towards Katajanokka, where is a Ferris wheel offering an unobstructed view over Helsinki. (One image, the wheel edited in Photoshop to create vertiginous feeling, 5s, f/4.0, ISO 100.)

Click any picture to see it enlarged.
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Suomen 97 itsenäisyyden vuotta – 97 years of independence of Finland

Vaikka Etelä-Suomen sää on tänään 6.12.2014 harmaa ja sateisen kostea,
juhlimme jälleen ilolla itsenäisyyttämme.
Onnittelut 97-vuotiaalle Suomi-neidolle!

Thought the weather in Southern Finland is today 6th of December 2014 grey and rainy, we will celebrate with joy our independence.
Congratulations to the 97 years old Maiden of Finland!

The flag of Finland during a gray, rainy and calm day of independence, 6th of December 2014

The flag of Finland during a gray, rainy and calm day of independence, 6th of December 2014.

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Car park by night


Car park in Tallinn, Estonia, 29 November 2014 at 23:12


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