Autumn around Glendalough Celtic Monastery, Ireland

This early November day was a bit rainy. That is quite common, especially when you are in Ireland. We were touring with Dublin Bus Tours from Dublin to Powerscourt and  Glendalough, a service which I can truly recommend.

Glendalough is a location of an early medieval monastery, established around 6th century. Walking there during this autumn day, dressed not according to the weather, I could not avoid thinking the people who lived there 10-15 hundred years ago. It has been a tough life.

Below you can see part of the ruins of St. Kevin’s Church in the glacial valley of Glendalough.

20141107-G16-0649_50The Round Tower is about 30 metres high. The roof was rebuilt in 1876 using the original stones.


Headstones in the graveyard.


On the right are the ruins of the Cathedral, the largest and most imposing of the buildings at Glendalough, in the middle of  the shades of yellows and greens of autumn in Ireland.



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Finnish for foreigners – Long curriculum

Compound words are common in Finnish language. Compound words can also make the language seemingly long. Although in Finnish there is theoretically no limit to the number of words in compound words, more than three components are rare. But you can easily find – and create – those.

(Heikki Aittokoski’s Facebook update and comments gave me the idea to this blog post. Thanks.)

So let’s start to learn some Finnish with important compound word examples.

Three words

  • Hätäuloskäytävä – Emergency exit

Emergency exit (Image source: Wikipedia)


Four words

Hand towel roll system (Photo: Heikki Aittokoski)

Five words


Photo: K-kauppa

Package of crispbread (Image source: K-kauppa)


Six words

  • Nelivärioffsetrotaatiopainokone – Four-color offset rotary printing machine
  • Kolmivaihekilowattituntimittari - Three phase alternating current kilowatt hour meter (Every house has one.)
Three Phase Electricity Meter (Image source: Wikipedia)

Three Phase Electricity Meter (Image source: Wikipedia)

Seven words

Jet engine mechanics in US Army (Source: Wikipedia)

Jet engine mechanics in US Army (Image source: Wikipedia)

Nine words

* * *

Most consecutive vowels

  • Hääyöaie – Wedding night intention (Oh yes, there must be those …)

Something more odd

A bar named according to Äteritsiputeritsipuolilautatsijänkä (closed now) (Source: Wikipedia)

A bar (now closed) named according to Äteritsiputeritsipuolilautatsijänkä (Image source: Wikipedia)

* * *

A good, more analytical post about compound words in Finnish languane is here.

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Berlin Photo Diary: Windows, one open, 51 closed

Well, it does not mean much, you can keep your window open or not, or if you have a satellite disc or not. These are just two houses in Berlin, Nöldnerstraße, ex-Eastern side. Architecture of that time.

But I wonder, why Google has blurred the building on the left …


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Walking in Powerscourt Garden and House, Ireland

Powerscourt Estate in Ireland is one of the finest gardens in the world, if you believe National Geographic listing. I believe. It is impressive.

The house is less spectacular, quite a commercial – shops, restaurant – building today. It was destroyed in a fire 1974, but has been fully renovated. The house was originally a castle built during 13th century. It has been altered several times during the last centuries.

Last week November Irish weather was kind to us, no rain, some sunshine.  A perfect opportunity for a quiet walk (not much visitors at this time of the year, I guess) in this 19 hectares (47 acres) garden. Below are some pictures of the terrace garden and lake, with statues from Greek mythology (Pegasus, Triton).

This is only a fraction of the garden. There is much more to see as well.


Panorama about the front garden of Powerscourt

Click any picture to enlarge.
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Dj and Snow White

Seen last week in Dublin.


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Berlin Wall 1961-1989 – Rest in pieces – Lepää raunioina

Today 25 years ago, 9th of November 1989 the wall between East and West Berlin was opened and demolished during 1990-1992.

All what I can say: “Rest in pieces.” And the same in Finnish: “Lepää raunioina.”

Visitors at the exhibition "Berlin 1933–1945. Between Propaganda and Terror"  (Niederkirchnerstrasse 8). The picture in the poster is taken four days before the opening of the wall.

Visitors at the exhibition “Berlin 1933–1945. Between Propaganda and Terror” (Niederkirchnerstrasse 8). The picture in the poster is taken five days before the opening of the wall.


A block of the wall at the exhibition near Checkpoint Charlie.

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Do you like to meet Ampelmännchen?

Then go to old East Berlin. There you can meet them in many street crossings.

Ampelmännchen pedestrian signals were created in 1961 by traffic psychologist Karl Peglau. Today, in reunited Berlin, they are not only seen in pedestrian traffic lights, but also in mugs, lamps, art – you name it. These signs have become a symbol of Ostalgie.

20140629-G16-7792-Edit(The picture is a double exposure to show both ‘go’ and ‘no-go’ in the same image. The lights were working perfectly in real life.)


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