Armed men in Burma year 1987

It was early autumn 1987. I spent some weeks in Burma, one of the most beautiful countries of the world, helping to build a micro hydro power plant funded by the World Bank.

The project site was near Taunggyi, the capital of Shan State. This administrative division of Burma shares border with China, Laos and Thailand. Shan State was and still is the home for several armed semi-military groups, some of them are pro independece, some suppor the formal leaders of Burma.

I was often guarded by these armed teams, and for a reason, I believe: there was regularly some unrest near the border river, our project area. The armed men were quite relaxed with me, you can even see me in one of the pictures practising shooting with them.

One year after I left the country, September 1988, the positive development took a long step backward when SLORC suppresed the democratic movement of Burma.

These pictures are not meant to accuse anybody. They are just documents from the time 24 years ago.

Transportation to the site

Unloading under command

Shooting practising

Time for a rest

Traffic guard

The whole team

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