What Tiger Woods and Nokia have in common? The money they have earned!

The richest athletic in the world, Tiger Woods has not been playing golf well lately. His game last weekend in US PGA Championship was worst since 1996.  After joining PGA tour in 1996 he has been one of the top money makers, until last year. His annual earnings have been between 5 and 10 million dollars per year during the last decade. Now the days of glory seem to be over.

Nokia, though still the leading mobile phone manufacturer in terms of sold handsets, has plummeted in terms of market share, share price and also profits from the best days. During the last years the company has been struggling in creating the new killer product or operating system, but with no luck sofar. How the cooperation with Microsoft will change the situation, we will see earliest 2012.

For some odd reason, if we compare the development of the earnings of Tiger and the profits of Nokia during the past 15 years, they have strikingly similar pattern. They both have peaks in 2000 and 2007, a slight downturn before the middle of the decade, and deep dive when approaching the end of the decade.

Could there be some sensible explanation for this, or is this purely a spurious relationship, a simple coincidence?

Any comments?

Tiger Woods earnings and Nokia operating profit during 1996-2010 have followed the same pattern. A sprurious relationship?

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