Flash floods and ants in Burma year 1987

Last Thursday, 23rd of October, flash foods hit central Myanmar, killing possibly hundreds of people and leaving many more homeless.

According to Mandalay’s weather statistics, October is month of heaviest rain, caused by tropical cyclones. The rain in this region might come very suddenly, leaving only a short time for moving to more secure, higher location.

When I was in central Burma September 1987, I also experienced these flash floods, but luckily not too heavy ones. The roads were occasionally wiped away, but we could always find a detour. That was not the case for the locals who had to stay close to their homes.

Water is flowing wildly over the road in central Burma in September 1987.

I found one flood picture form my archives. I have not recored the exact location. That was taken somewhere between Lawsawk and Inle Lake, east from Mandalay.

The ants are moving their nest to a higher location, giving a hint about approaching flooding.

A day before the floods, I noticed that the ants were moving their eggs, making their temporary home under my case. The locals told me that this mass move of the ants is a sign of the heavy rains and flooding soon to come, and so it happened a day later.

Interesting phenomena and easy to believe.  I wonder if there are any scientific studies made of this …


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