Inle Lake, Burma 1987

Inle Lake has long been a popular tourist destination, both in today’s Myanmar, and also in Burma a quarter of a century ago, when I had an opportunity to see the beauty of the lake.

The lake and the inhabitants can be impacted by the variations of the weather, especially prolonged draughts like last year. The people there have learned to live with and in water, and are looking forward the monsoon rains, unlike some other parts of the country, where flooding causes severe problems.

A good travel blog from today’s Inle Lake has been recently published by by Gideon, worth of reading. My own earlier photo blogs from Burma year 1987 cover childrenarmed mentrains and floods.

These pictures are digitized from slides, and have some marks of stain and wear. Click to see them slightly larger.

Laundry and dishwashing in Inle Lake, same steps were used for both of them.

Floating gardens

Vegitables are cultivated in floating gardens. These gardens can be moved and also sold like a plot of land.

Leg rowing can be seen only on Inle Lake.

A fisherman on Inle Lake

Water hyacinths - which are not native to Inle Lake - are gradually filling up the lake.

A small, flat boat is the most typical mode of transportation in Inle Lake.

High bridges are needed due to water level variations between dry and wet seasons.

Nga Phe Kyaung monastery can be accessed directly from the boats.

Pagodas and stupas are build almost on top of water.


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2 Responses to Inle Lake, Burma 1987

  1. Thank you for commenting on my G+ post. I loved seeing your photos of Inle Lake so many years ago – and you’re right, it doesn’t look like life there has changed much, just the amount of people visiting. Honestly one of the most beautiful, tranquil and peaceful places I have travelled to.

    • Thank you Mardi! I tweeted your Inle Lake blog. It’s interesting and nice to notice how the pictures and stories of others will bring up good memories. 🙂

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