Jazz in Vaasa 1971 – epilogue 2012

November last year I published some pictures I had taken at the Vaasa Youth Festival summer 1971. This triggered some interesting responses.

  • The blog and pictures have been viewed about 7 000 times by today. The picture below has been clicked most often.

Dexter Gordon (sax) in Vaasa, Finland 1971, with Eero Ojanen (p), Pekka Sarmanto (b) and Esko Rosnell (d)

  • Facebook group dedicated to Vaasa Youth Festival found this blog. – I joined the group.
  • Sax on the Web promoted the blog by keeping Dexter Gordon’s picture on the front page for several weeks, creating good traffic to the blog. – Thanks Harri.
  • Jeroen, an admirer of Dexter Gordon from the Netherlands asked if he could get a copy of one of Dexter’s pictures. – Deal made.

    Jeroen, a happy owner of the picture of Dexter Gordon

  • I met guitarist Ilpo Saastamoinen in one seminar in Helsinki last December. – He got prints of his pictures.

    Ilpo Saastamoinen in December 2011 and June 1971

  • SaxophonistEero Koivistoinen played in a concert in Helsinki last January. – He got prints of his pictures after the gig.

    Eero Koivistoinen in January 2012 and June 1971

  • I’ve been in contact with Martha Gaber (living now in Denmark), who sang and played lute. She sent me a nice piece of history information: “The poncho (which I naturally made myself) has long since gone to the Salvation Army, but the lute is still with me. Later I bought a guitar for my work as a Sotilaskotisisar, when I was taken all kinds of strange places in jeeps and boats to sing to the boys.” – Hope to meet you Martha one day in Denmark, and give you too some prints.
  • One eager jazz music lover in Far East has made a YouTube video using my pictures at the background for Eero Koivistoinen’s recording “For Children”. – Should I be proud or irritated?
  • Today I got a mail, a very interesting one for two reasons. Firstly, the girl sitting next to Dexter Gordon in this picture has been identified! Secondly, I learned to know Seppo Lemponen, who was helping Dexter during his visit in Vaasa. He has written a super nice story (in Finnish) about three days (and nights) with “Nature Boy” Dexter. (Seppo has also written a doctor thesis titled “Swing to bop – hep to hip. A study in jazz parlance.”) – Thanks Seppo!

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Eyes and ears open. New and old. Jobs and hobbies. Pictures and music. Entertaining and serious. Change and stability. Nature and urban.
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