Bangkok views – Street side eating

Seventh of nine views: Shopping food and fruits

You can find food and fruit vendors at every street (thanon) and alley (soi) in Bangkok. These shots were taken in Chinatown, near Ratchawong ferry pier, Sampeng Lane (Soi Wanit 1) and Thanon Mahachak.

The seeds of pomegranates are delicious, and so is the juice made of them. Taste the fruit of juice when you have the opportunity.

Food – grilled, fried, boiled, rosted, fresh – is everywhere. Enjoy, like the locals, though you can not always say what you are eating.

Here is a short video about busy food vendors at Sampeng Lane.

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2 Responses to Bangkok views – Street side eating

  1. rigbyte says:

    Hi, I like all your posts on Thailand. Actually all your posts. Your photography is excellent. The contrast between Helsinki airport on tour return with the vibrant colour of Bangkok was surreal. I mentioned your posts to a Thai friend who lives in Bangkok and this was part of his reply: “I am sad so many tourists fall in love with Bangkok, without knowing its underlying (ugly) power mechanism and despicable culture of corruption and environmental degradation.”

    • Thanks rigbyte for your response.

      During the years I lived in Bangkok (long time ago), I learned to know something about the problems the city (and the whole country) has. For me there are many things which draw me back to Bangkok. I like Thais as individuals (surely there are exceptions, like everywhere), following the flow of life on street level, eating well (this is obvious), occasional rain and thunderstorms (but not too much), the veins of the city (rivers and klongs), how the long history is still visible everywhere ….

      I hope your friend did not mean we tourists should avoid Thailand. We need to be aware of the sad sides of the city, but can find ways to enjoy and support it as well.

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