Meat and rice for lunch at Rangoon, Burma

I can not claim that I can remember what we ate in this Burmese lunch restaurant. This was Rangoon, Burma in September 1987. But the taste was good, that I can still say.

The young man in the picture was my interpreter and local assistant. Unfortunately I have lost contact with him. I wonder if I could still reconnect with him, with the address he had late 1990’s …

Rangoon, Burma, September 1987
Canon A-1, FD 24mm/2.8, scanned from a slide

Shan State, Burma, September 1987

During the same trip, somewhere in Shan state, we stopped for a snack. These rosted nuts, spinach and green chili tasted lovely.

(I will share with you pictures of 13 different restaurants, or eating experiences and environments. This is the fifth one.)


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2 Responses to Meat and rice for lunch at Rangoon, Burma

  1. rigbyte says:

    They eat well, yet remain slim, [at least the majority of the men] there’s a lesson there for westerners, don’t you think?

    • There sure is a lesson for us. I believe there are two important differences between the traditional Asian (so not only in Burma) and today’s western eating habits: the size of the portions (typically smaller in Asia) and is the number and type of snacks (less greasy and sugary in Asia).

      At the same time we can not forget the fact that in some countries – like Burma (Myanmar) – people can not afford to spend as much as we do for (unnecessary) food.

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