“Table only for you, sir” at Gurgaon, India

After a long day in meetings, my colleague (left, studying the menu) and I tried to find a restaurant in Gurgaon, near New Delhi in India, guided by our taxi driver (right).

One of the first stops was this eating place, where we met the manager (center) – and nobody else. And there was only one table.  And one bright lamp high in the air. Though we could have some exclusive privacy, we decided not the stay there, and continued our search.

Sometimes you need to make an effort, if you like to avoid hotel food.

Gurgaon, India, February 2005
Canon 20D, Sigma 18-125mm

(I will share with you pictures of 13 different restaurants, or eating experiences and environments. This is the sixth one.)

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4 Responses to “Table only for you, sir” at Gurgaon, India

  1. rigbyte says:

    Oh dear, The manager looks so sad, he’s obviously put an enormous effort into creating ‘atmosphere’ with the matching table and chairs; I’d have been unable to refuse, although it does seem a little bleak and surreal. This photo is quite extraordinary in the emotions it evokes. Perhaps in an exhibition asking people to supply a suitable caption.

    • It’s hard to describe the feeling we had in that place. It was soon clear that we are not going to eat there. We had no idea where the food was going to be prepared: was it going to be fresh or has it been waiting hours for the unlikely customer. We just had to find a way to refuse the offer politely.

      Would be fun to get different captions, to this and some other photos – thanks for the idea,rigbyte!

  2. Very well remember this place and situation. It expresses the situation we were in but also what in this country is understood under “a romantic atmosphere” we were not really looking for but the manager tried to sell to us. The taxi driver was more then 5 month my driver and we had lots searches for good restaurants in and around Delhi.

    • Thanks Jörg – really good to get your “insider’s” comment. Let’s hope there will be a day we will share a dinner table again …

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