“I like to serve you, but can not see you”, at Beidaihe, China

These waitresses are not only charming but also very shy. We were a group of locals and westerners in this outdoor restaurant in Beidaihe in China, known for its long sand beach and Communist Party of China’s summer retreat.

There are not many foreigners (other than Russians) visiting this small city, so maybe our language was the reason for this unexpected shyness. Or they simply didn’t like to be photographed …

Beidaihe, China, June 2006

(I will share with you pictures of 13 different restaurants, or eating experiences and environments. This is the seventh.)


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4 Responses to “I like to serve you, but can not see you”, at Beidaihe, China

  1. they may be shy, but their smiles say that they’re loving the attention…

    great shot 🙂

    • Thank you Alessandro!

      Correct, they really didn’t avoid to be photographed … it was a short playful situation before they started to serve the dinner.

  2. Chinese people smile when they’re embarrassed. Cultural things. They’ve probably never been photographed by some laowai (foreigner) before.

    • Good to get your comment. Right, there are cultural differences and there are times we do not understand correctly the body language and expressions there in China (or even next to our home).

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