Access only during high water (Venice, Italy)

There is actually a higher risk that this restaurant need to be closed due to too high water; Venice is sinking, and there is no cheap or easy solution to prevent that. If you wish to visit Ristorante Da Ivo, do it before it is too late …

Venice, Italy, July 2006
Canon 20D, Sigma 17-70

(I will share with you pictures of 13 different restaurants, or eating experiences and environments. This is the twelfth.)


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2 Responses to Access only during high water (Venice, Italy)

  1. rigbyte says:

    Ah, yes. I’ve been thinking about this one. When I lived in Venice in the seventies I used to visit a tiny restaurant that offered only two dishes, both excellent, and I’m certain this was it. It was accessed from a narrow street, and this door was the service entrance. I guess it’s much more romantic this way, and gives employment to the gondoliers. And it’s probably gone very up market as well. A wonderfully romantic photograph.
    Thanks for all your restaurant pictures. I have a friend in Florida who posts photos and comments about all the restaurants there. it seems no one eats at home! But his are long reviews with comments about the food and details of what he ate. Your snippets are much more fun, more artistically composed and invite speculation and thought.
    What photos are you going to share with us next?

  2. Thanks Rigby! Goog the get comment from a real eye-witnesser. I didn’t visit the restaurant inside, but I liked the view and concept. My aim is not to be a blogging critic, but merely an observer.

    What to share next? Good question. I do have some ideas … maybe to take a bit distance to the subject … panoramas?

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