Smiling restaurant at Bangkok, Thailand

I like to end my small ‘eating’ photoblog series with this picture, which conveys the warm and friendly feeling of the street side restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand.

I took the picture before the lunchtime when the whole staff was gathered around one table for preparing the dish. You can find it between State Tower and Robinsons department store on Charoen Krung street.

Bangkok, Thailand, December 2007
Canon 20D, Sigma 17-70mm

(I have shared with you pictures of 13 different restaurants, or eating experiences and environments. This was the last. Thank you for reading and commenting.)


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5 Responses to Smiling restaurant at Bangkok, Thailand

  1. rigbyte says:

    The food must be good, they all look so plump and healthy and happy. I’ll bet the red sauce was hot. I’m not partial to hot chillies and highly spiced food, never quite trust what the piquancy is concealing. Pink Shirts with green walls… a popular oriental colour combination, apparently..

    • All the dishes are not necessarily hot in Thailand. Though the food is healthy (like most Thai food) I can not say the same about the location of this place: heavy traffic almost round the day next to the kitchen and tables. But the owner and staff must be pleased, they’ve been running the business for years there (and got a print of this picture ;)).

  2. So I take it the love for Thailand extends all the way through Scandinavia?! When I lived in Sweden, I rarely met a Swede who had not been to Thailand.

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