Temple of Heaven, Beijing (pano #1)

The Temple of Heaven in Beijing, China 100 years, oh sorry, 10 years ago. There were not too many visitors in the temple. In fact it seems to be almost deserted there, compared to the normally crowded Beijing.

I tried to mimic an ‘old school style’ in this picture, not sure how I managed in that. (Click the picture for larger view.)

The Temple of Heaven, Beijing, China, 2 April 2002
Five pictures with Canon G1

This is panorama 1. As some of you might guess, you will now see a series of panorama pictures, not every day, but a few per week. I’m not sure yet, how many in total, but more than ten …

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2 Responses to Temple of Heaven, Beijing (pano #1)

  1. rigbyte says:

    Well, if that’s heaven I don’t want to go there. How bleak, bare, sterile. I want wilderness, nature, forests… life. But I suppose a deathly calm is appropriate for heaven, which is apparently full of dead people. Is this the true colour, or is it a sepia tone photo?

    • Sterile is a good word to describe the feeling of the temple in this sepia toned picture. I didn’t visit this temple early in the morning, but that should be full of people having their morning exercise during the sunrise. The the view and feeling must be different.

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