A small medieval gem – Tallinn, Estonia (pano #7)

First time I visited Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, more that 30 years ago. It was then strongly under Soviet rule, and almost colorless.

Today it’s a different world. The Old Town of Tallinn is elegantly renovated and is listed as UNESCO World Heritage site. At the same time the capital is among the top 10 digital cities in the world.

I took the picture from the tower of St. Olaf’s Church (Oleviste kirik), which was the highest building in the world around year 1600. Still today it offers a beautiful view over the Old Town.

(Click → larger)

The view from the tower of St. Olaf's Church in Tallinn, 17 August 2006
(3 images, Canon 20D & Sigma 17-70@17mm)

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9 Responses to A small medieval gem – Tallinn, Estonia (pano #7)

  1. The Pal Guy says:

    Wow stunning photo. i have read a little bit about Estonia and i might want to visit it one day. Your photos do the city great justice and the view from St. Olaf’s seems wonderful. Cheers

  2. rigbyte says:

    Great shot. It looks so romantic. I wonder what it would have been like to live there though, when it was built. You’re very clever at making these large shots, or is it the camera and software that joins them so impeccably? I tried with my camera, but it needs a tripod for stability. the lighting is superb, and the clouds.

    • Thank you Rigby, too! Some of today’s pocket cameras (even camera phones with suitable apps: http://youtu.be/bx5R98PAaJQ) are quote elaborate for creating seamless panoramas. Most of my panoramas are taken with bigger DSLR cameras, and pictures are stitched together with specific software. You can get those even free (http://bit.ly/9SJjfv), but if you are ready to pay, e.g. PTGuy and the ‘industry standard’ Photoshop make great results.

  3. aBitofCulture says:

    Beautiful pic of one of my favourite European cities. Climbing to the top of that church tower is a bit of a chore though, don’t you think?!

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