Two, or three lakes in Finland (pano #11 & #12)

Finland is the land of water. The lakes in Finland are counted: 187 888. Here are two (or maybe three) of those.

We have a lot of light during the summer months. In southern Finland, during solstice – if the sky is clear – you can read through the night. In northern Finland the sun is not setting down at all. The picture below is from the middle of Finland, showing an exceptional colorful sunset.

Lestijärvi, Finland, 21 July 2007
(5 images, Canon 20D & Sigma 17-70@17mm)

A twin lake, seen from an hot-air balloon, looks like odd spectacles. I was not able to name the lakes, but maybe we have a reader who can do it …

Somewhere in the southern Finland, 11 September 2007
(2 images, Canon 20D & Sigma 17-70@17mm)


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2 Responses to Two, or three lakes in Finland (pano #11 & #12)

  1. rigbyte says:

    The land looks very flat. Is it swampy around the lake in the panorama? How deep are they? Too cold for swimming, I suppose, although it is July, The trees seem to be spruce or something similar. I guess the aerial shot is from a satellite? A bit high for a balloon. I see only two lakes, is the panorama of a different lake? It looks like there are rocks between the lakes, I thought Finland was mainly a swampy delta… guess I should do a bit of research. An ominous sky. Not a cosy shot, but well done.

    • Great that this blog triggered so many questions, Rigby! You will also get answers.

      I guess you are referring to the second pictures when asking about swamps. Finland is the sixth swampiest country in the world. Almost 30% of the land area can be called swamp, but it is not delta. But you can not see much swamp in my picture (two shots combined, I took them from an hot-air balloon, really – I don’t own satellite, yet), that is more like real spruce forest. About the temperature of the lakes: if 20 C is good enough for you, then you can swim every summer in Finland.

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