The rhythm of roofs in Helsinki (pano #17)

Katajanokka in Helsinki, Finland seen from the roof level during a foggy day offers cubism-like scene and jazzy rhythm. Each of the Art Nouveau style houses have unique style keeping the artisan profession of the roof blacksmiths (or how they are called?) alive.

(Click → larger)

Helsinki, Finland, 27 March 2010
(4 images, Canon 100IS)


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2 Responses to The rhythm of roofs in Helsinki (pano #17)

  1. rigbyte says:

    A blacksmith works with iron. I guess we’d call the man who waterproofs roofs a roof sealer. Cubist, I agree, but not attractive. No balconies, all jammed in making a sort of maze. They are probably pleasant inside, but not the sort of place I’f like to live. Black roofs here would melt in the sun. Everyone had white or light coloured to reflect the heat. I like the colours they are painted, that will look very cheerful on a fine day..

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