Twisted buildings in Prague (pano #18-#21)

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic is full of magnificent buildings. Here are a few of them, in slightly distorted form.

(Click the images to see them in larger format.)

Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic

Senate of the Czech Republic in Prague, 4 June 2010
(43 images, Canon 40D & Sigma 17-70@17mm)

Loreta (or Loreto) is a large pilgrimage destination. It consists of a cloister, the church of the Lord’s Birth, a Holy Hut and the clock tower with a famous chime.

Loreta cloister, church and chime, 5 June 2010
(21 images, Canon 40D & Sigma 17-70@17mm)

Archdiocese of Prague (left) and Prague Castle (right).

Archdiocese of Prague (left) and Prague Castle (right) , 5 June 2010
(ss images, Canon 40D & Sigma 17-70@17mm)

The Municipal House, a national cultural landmark, is among the most significant Art Nouveau buildings in Prague.

The Municipal House of Prague, 6 June 2010
(10 images, Canon 40D & Sigma 17-70@17mm)


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9 Responses to Twisted buildings in Prague (pano #18-#21)

  1. jumpingpolarbear says:

    Prague is awesome, and great pictures too man!

  2. v4vikey says:

    Awesome photographs

  3. rigbyte says:

    Very clever – adding a baroque twist to the Baroque. I always like the view of old Prague from the river, looking up at the romantic collection of buildings that they show on tourist brochures etc. I’ve never been to the city, and I guess it’s too late now as I’ve lost interest in travelling–too many people everywhere, so i appreciate these photos as they are different from the usual. The juxtaposition of the Arch diocese and Prague castle is amusing, both competing to be the most impressive and prove they are the most powerful. I think the church was wealthier and more powerful than the state when these buildings were constructed. The Municipal house looks rather like the main railway station in Melbourne. And what is the bizarre, black gothic tower behind it?

    • Lovely comment, Rigby! You are also very correct about the timing of the tower behind the town house; it’s the third oldest astronomical clock in the world, installed 1410, in the middle of the gothic era, see

      • rigbyte says:

        Thanks for the link. Very interesting and informative. The clever moving images are impressive. I do admire people who can work out these things, left to me the world would still be using sticks shoved in the ground to guess the time and season by their shadow. That area of central Europe has produced more than its fair share of great minds, I remember reading about the history of Brno when it was one of the great cities of the period. Our history is far too western European centred, in my opinion.

  4. Great, great picturesl!!

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