From day to night, from grass to snow (pano #22-#24)

I end the set of panoramas with three pictures from the same object. I have taken all of these from the same location in Mäntsälä, Southern Finland.

I did not plan to compare them one-to-one, so the angle of the shots is slightly different in all of those. I have used 4-5 images  for each of them.

The pictures are not in a chronological order. The first has been taken in July 2007, the second in January 2007 and the last in December 2009.

I will now rest for a while and think the next possible theme. Thanks for following my blog.

About Olli Laasanen

Eyes and ears open. New and old. Jobs and hobbies. Pictures and music. Entertaining and serious. Change and stability. Nature and urban.
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3 Responses to From day to night, from grass to snow (pano #22-#24)

  1. rigbyte says:

    What a romantic scene, like an illustration from a fairy tale. The July 2007 photo is the most charming because the second house is invisible behind the trees. It’s the apparent isolation of the front house that adds to it’s allure. All those lights on in the snow – even in the garden! are
    cosy but extremely wasteful of electricity. 🙂 Thanks for the photographs, they’ve been very enjoyable, not only because of their artistry, but also because I learn new things from them.

    • Thanks to your thoughtful feedback and comments, Rigby.

      I really like to include short information, at least links, about the background of my photo blog entries. – I hope we all can learn one (or more) new thing every day. 🙂

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