Fish River Canyon, Namibia (pano #25)

Inspired by Fabulous 50′ travel blog I show still one more panorama. This was taken in Namibia, showing the grandiosity of Fish River Canyon, the second largest canyon in the world after Grand Canyon in US. I wish I could post a 3D picture of the canyon.

Though the canyon is very arid and looks tough to live, there are lot of birds and some mammals.

(Click → larger)

Fish River Valley, Namibia, 4 September 2008
(6 images, Canon 20D & Sigma 17-70)

And now no more panoramas (for a while).


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2 Responses to Fish River Canyon, Namibia (pano #25)

  1. rigbyte says:

    My goodness! from this angle it beats the Grand Canyon for it’s arid alien aspect. It must have rained a great deal in the past to gouge out such a trench. The USA canyon has somehow blinded people to other grand canyons, such as the Grandes Gorges du Verdun in France that are equally spectacular, despite not being arid. I’ve stuck this on my desktop for a while.

    • Glad you liked this, Rigby. I’ve seen Grand Canyon only from the air, but I bet Fish River is very close to that. Haven’t seen the French Grandes Gorges du Verdun, so good hint for the next holiday trip in Europe. 🙂

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