Seen from Willis Tower, Chicago

I just read the nice blog of Rory Alexander from his visit to Chicago, and I could not resist to show off my own pictures I took from the very same footsteps some two years ago. 🙂

Willis Tower, maybe still known better as Sears Tower (until 2009), was once the tallest building in the world. It is still the tallest in US, second in western hemisphere (after CN Tower in Toronto) and world’s seventh tallest freestanding building with the height of 527 meters to the tip of the antennas.

The Skydeck, which is open for public, is on the 103th floor, 412 meters. The views are magnificent!

Somewhere else the buildings around the Tower would be monsters, but from the Skydeck they look so tiny.

One of the big thrills are the ‘glass balconies’, extending from the walls. During my visit they were very occupied (though there were a number of visitors who refused to step on the glass floor 400 hundred meters about the ground), but I was persistent enough to get a couple of shot of myself and a fellow daredevil.

But this is nothing, if you think what Alain Roberts did in August 1999


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5 Responses to Seen from Willis Tower, Chicago

  1. Glad my blog inspired you and thanks for sharing your awesome photos. So crisp and some great shots from inside the glass cubes, always tricky with all the reflections.

  2. rigbyte says:

    The shots in the Glass cubes send acrophobic tingles down my spine, so realistic – especially the fellow sitting. What excellent photos – almost makes me want to visit.

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