Over the Andes to Santiago, Chile

The Andes are the longest – about 7000 km – mountain range in the world. That is like from London, UK to Kabul, Afghanistan. Flying from Argentina to Chile over the Andes is  a hop up to 4000 meters over only a couple of hundred kilometers distance. Get the window seat to have the magnificent view. (If you prefer driving by car, take this route.)

The Andes between Argentina and Chile.

Landing at Santiago was beautiful, the green slopes on the rainy Pacific side of the Andes are very different compared to the dry mountains on Argentinan side. Later, from the window of my hotel I saw the mountains turning yellow in the sunset.

The Andes during the sunset, seen from Santiago.


By the way, it is the 202th Independence Day of Chile today, 18th of September. Congratulations!



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3 Responses to Over the Andes to Santiago, Chile

  1. cindyknoke says:

    beautiful photos!

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