Streets without cars

Today is World Carfree Day.

How do streets look like without cars? Here are some examples.

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11 Responses to Streets without cars

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  2. Lovely, but the last one is taken in Rome 😉

  3. alinakelo says:

    A few of these picture could fall under the Peoplefree day as well.

  4. rigbyte says:

    It makes me realise how much space is wasted because of cars and how sterile and unattractive are most roads. Only the treed road in India looks pleasant and liveable… if you like crowds. It’s a pity cars weren’t banned from cities in the beginning, bicycles, walking and free public transport would be much cheeper than providing roads as we have.

  5. cindyknoke says:

    What an interesting and thought provoking blog!

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