Four seasons of a river

Rivers are the veins of the earth.

Without rivers we would not have our civilization. Rivers provide us energy. Rivers can be rough. Rivers calm my mind. Rivers are aesthetic. I love rivers.

This is a photographic study of a small river in Southern Finland, Hirvihaaranjoki, which I have visited during many years, during all seasons. I have taken these four pictures only over about one hundred meters distance around Myllykoski rapids, showing how different the stream can be.

With this blog I also like to celebrate World Rivers Day.





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8 Responses to Four seasons of a river

  1. Again, these photos are fabulous. And I love rivers…thanks for sharing!

  2. rigbyte says:

    Excellent photographs, as always, and as you no doubt expect by now, I can’t resist remarking that in my lifetime – 71 years, ninety-nine percent of the planet’s rivers have gone from potable to more or less toxic. This one looks very turbid in the spring flood, so I assume there is cleared farmland nearby, and that means herbicides, pesticides, fertiliser and other toxic run-off. I hope I am wrong, as it looks so lovely. 🙂

    • You are right, Rigby, there is a lot of farmland near and around this small river. That is the case with most of the rivers and streams in Finland.

      You are unfortunately right about the high pollution levels of the rivers in general as well. One recent study indicates that “nearly 80 percent of the world’s human population lives in areas where river waters are highly threatened posing a major threat to human water security and resulting in aquatic environments where thousands of species of plants and animals are at risk of extinction”. (Reference to this study here:

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