Flashing …

If you don’t have your flash at hand, or you are too far away, use the help of others … but your timing must be perfect.

In this case the flash highlights nicely the subject …

flash… and without flash this picture is … uh … dull.

no flashI noticed only during post-processing the difference of these pictures.

Lucky shot, I say. 🙂

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Eyes and ears open. New and old. Jobs and hobbies. Pictures and music. Entertaining and serious. Change and stability. Nature and urban.
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2 Responses to Flashing …

  1. rigbyte says:

    I wouldn’t say ‘dull’. In the first picture the women are seen as separate from the group, whereas in the second they are featured but remain part of the crowd [and their skin tones are healthier]. Are there different sorts of flash light? Cool like the one in the photo, warm, tinted etc? It would be interesting to bathe a scene in a greenish coloured flash, for example. Are these people on a ship?

    • Maybe ‘flat’ would be more describing. You are right about the skin tones: the flash is more bluish than the ambient warmer light in this street side restaurant in Prague, Czech Reb. I didn’t adjust the white balance very carefully.

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