Movies from 1 to 10

Numbers are used in the names of many movies. Here is my top “1 to 10” list, simply in the ascending order.

Being lazy, I am not going to write anything about these movies, but I have added links to fellow WordPress bloggers’ reviews. Read those. (Their opinions can differ from mine.)

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975) – blogtrailer – ♥♥♥

Two for the Money (2005) – blogtrailer – ♥

¡Three Amigos! (1986) – blogtrailer – ♥♥

Four Brothers (2005) – blogtrailer – ♥♥♥

Five Minutes of Heaven (2009) – blogtrailer – waiting for watching

Six Days Seven Nights (1998) – blogtrailer – ♥

Seven Samurai (1954) – blogtrailer – ♥♥♥

8½ (1963) – blogtrailer – ♥♥♥

District 9 (2009) – blogtrailer – ♥♥♥ (The name of this movie is not starting with a number, but it will do. It is a great scifi movie.)

Ten Little Indians (1965) – blogtrailer – ♥♥

(After making my list, I learned that there is a list of ‘numbered movies’ in Wikipedia – of course. But that list was not complete: I had to add three more movies to that. :))

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9 Responses to Movies from 1 to 10

  1. Thanks for mentioning me! Yeah, you do have a lot of movies that start with a number :)). That’s funny… and I’ve seen most of them. I like yor list. Very glad you put in “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”! Congrats!

    • A week ago while driving with my wife I asked her which ‘number movies’ we have seen (can’t remember anymore, why). We could easily remember a few, to complete the list took a bit more time, but it was fun.

      • Agreed – as i leafed through your list it was fun going back and forth in time reminiscing… “One flew over a cuckoo’s nest” was one of the first movies i ever remember seeing – and being inspired by… 😉

  2. rigbyte says:

    An interesting idea. The only one I’ve seen is Fellini’s 81/2 . Does the USA also dominate the Movie scene in Finland? Here, the commercial TV Channels and all the main Cinemas only show USA Movies. It’s very sad because they are usually violent and coarse and seldom as well filmed, as thoughtful, or as emotionally satisfying as those made in Europe or the Middle East. We are fortunate to have one TV channel that only shows movies from non English speaking countries. Some of the most sensitive and beautifully filmed have been from Iran.

    • Yes Rigby, American movies are dominating the movie scene here as well, though the Finnish movie industry is doing quite well also. India (Bollywood) and Nigeria (Nollywood) are producing more films than USA (, but they are not known here at all. Maybe for a reason …

  3. rigbyte says:

    Bollywood extravaganzas leave me unenthusiastic, so incredibly superficial. I had no idea Nigeria produced movies. I’ve seen a few South African films, moistly depressing. Thanks for the link. I’ve seen a couple of Finnish films, They were good crime stories and not as ‘dark’ as Danish films – they are often very cruel and bleak, similar to Icelandic dramas. Swedes also seem drawn to unpleasant crime… although there have been a few Swedish comedies I enjoyed. My problem is I never remember titles.

    • What’s interesting about Nigeria’s film enthusiasm is that there are basically no public cinemas. All films are published as dvd’s for home screening only. – I like Swedish crime movies. If you haven’t seen Millenium trilogy (the original Swedish version, not American) (, try to see that. It might change your mind.

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