Sax at Mama Africa, Cape Town

Some years ago we had a wonderful dinner at Mama Africa Restaurant and Bar in Cape Town, South Africa.

Mama Africa writes on their web site: “We offer live music nightly performed by by young local musicians. We have three marimba bands which each play twice a week. The music sets a lively atmosphere and is an integral part of the Mama Africa experience and is something not to be missed.

This is surely not an understatement. The mix of african rhythms and jazzy sounds on top of a tasty dinner was much more than we were expecting. – Two thumbs up!

I especially liked the sax player (whose name I unfortunately did not record). He was such a virtuoso, that any jazz band would be proud to have him in their sax section, or soloist.

We can not enjoy their marimba music now, but here are some pictures of the sax player.


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6 Responses to Sax at Mama Africa, Cape Town

  1. kurt says:

    Amazing shots, really captures the feeling of the place.

  2. Great use of flash – slow sync really brings out the atmosphere. Well done! 🙂

  3. rigbyte says:

    Now this is “ART”. Movement, excitement, rhythm and the colours of ‘jazz’ all in a still photograph… Congratulations.The instrument in the middle photo isn’t a saxophone is it?

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