Colosseum in different light

It was sometimes early or mid 1960’s when I saw Ben-Hur. For a young boy it was a heavy four hours, even with a break, but worth of it. I can still remember Charles Heston riding his foursome fiercely around the arena in Colosseum Circus Maximus (my mistake corrected, see comment by Rigby – now the link between the movie and my pictures is not that relevant anymore …). For good reasons this movie won 11 Oscars.

Some 50 years later, I can see Colosseum in slightly different light. Do you?

Bread and circus 2000 years ago. Wine and nachos today.

Yellow flowers, yellow arches.

The silhouette of the old Rome at the back.

One of the more prestige locations for car parking.


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5 Responses to Colosseum in different light

  1. rigbyte says:

    I also saw Ben Hur in 1962 or thereabouts. I’ve never liked Charlton Heston, but I identified with Stephen Boyd as Massala and when he died so gruesomely I felt physically nauseous for the first time in a film. I didn’t realise it was so long. Wasn’t the the one with a scene in the leprosy colony where a mother and daughter were found after several years of squalor with their hair immaculately groomed, their makeup perfectly applied and their clothes slightly soiled? The whole thin lost credibility from then on. As for the colosseum, the race took place a few hundred metres behind it in the long oval chariot racing track, which, in 1967 had a strip of grass and shrubs down the middle. A friend and I slept there on night, disturbed until late by prostitutes, and in the early morning by tanks and other army equipment going round and round the arena, in preparation for the parade to make amalgamation talks for the Treaty of Rome. We thought World War three had started. Most embarrassing. Back then there were no fences around the colosseum, anyone could just walk in and wander around, we were the only two people there and it still echoed with the cries of agony – to me. Good photos, but they diminish the nature of the place, it was a scene of such cruelty and horror to my mind, not an ornament to please.

    • Thanks for sharing your very interesting and personal experience. Also, now looking again the movie clip of the horse race, I realized it must have taken place at a much larger arena: Circus Maximus! Thanks for correction.

  2. A perfect portrait of an iconic monument – well done! 🙂

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