Circus Maximus, Rome (pano #26)

(I have promised not to post more panoramas, but now I have to. :))

In my last blog I made mistake, which I like to correct. When posting photographs, I like to add a link, some background information or a story in the same context. I falsely linked Roman chariot racing and Colosseum.

So now it is time to show the right place: Circus Maximus, or Circo Massimo in Italy. [I should copy the text from the previous blog about Ben-Hur and horse race arena, but maybe you can read it there.]

Just try to think how wild it has been, when two or four-horse, even ten-horse chariots have been rushing around the circus. A good descriptions about the dangers of this sport is here.

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Circus Maximus, Rome, seen from the west-south end, 26 March 2011.
(8 images, Canon 7D & Sigma 17-70)

Circus Maximus, Rome, seen from the middle, 26 March 2011.
(6 images, Canon 7D & Sigma 17-70)

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3 Responses to Circus Maximus, Rome (pano #26)

  1. rigbyte says:

    How interesting! It looks exactly the same except it is much more open now than in 1966, and the waist-high shrubs all along the middle [in which we slept] have gone, along with the prostitutes, I suppose. Excellent shots, it’s a pity we can’t straighten the apparent curve in the track. I wonder if they still use it for marshalling their military vehicles for street parades. Thanks for this. I travelled then with no camera, so the memory fails at times. I didn’t realise we could see the Palatine Hill so clearly… or Is that not what it is?

  2. Yes Rigby, that is Palatine Hill behind. – I have downloaded your book Dancing Bare (iPad version, hoping to find a longer description about that hilarious experience you had on Circus Maximus, but could not find it. (The search function of ebooks is really neat.) I haven’t yet read the book, so maybe it is there …

    • rigbyte says:

      Oh dear – I’m blushing. Please don’t be shocked if you read it. Sleeping in the Circus Maximus happened the year after the book finishes – I was travelling with the fellow I met in the last chapter.

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