Between autumn and winter

Yesterday we had the first freezing temperatures and also some snow at river Hirvihaaranjoki, Finland. We are now between autumn and winter. – You might also like to see the earlier post of the four seasons of a river.

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-10 celsius, and first snow: the first real signs of the winter.

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6 Responses to Between autumn and winter

  1. rigbyte says:

    Argh! Finland may have the highest standard of living and the most contented population on the planet, but I’m very pleased to live in a place where there are not even any frosts. I’m happy to simply admire the muted, stark beauty of the place from a photo, but have no urge to be there.
    Is that a plastic covered ensilage heap in the foreground? How sweet to have a young [birch?] planted in the centre of that triangular concrete wall. Is it against floods? There’s no smoke from the chimneys – you Finns are a hardy lot! And who lives in the tiny cottage right down beside the water?

    • I like *all* seasons. 🙂 – Do you mean the smooth surface of the river at the foreground? So no silaging in this picure, nore concrete: the triangle is made of carved natural stone, most likely to divert part of the water to the abandoned mill (not in this picture, but here you can see it: And the birch tree is not planted, growing naturally there. – The small building is a sauna. (We have 3.2 million saunas, one for every two Finns.)

      • rigbyte says:

        Olli! Those shots are magnificent. A Sauna at the edge of the stream. An old mill and those wonderful old farmers chipped the diversionary triangle out of granite – that is so wonderful – concrete would have ruined everything and be a rusting heap by now. And now I see that the water is astonishingly smooth before the rapids. No wind. I like your photographs because there is so much more to see when I sit quietly in front of them. and being able to ask questions is excellent. That’s one reason why photography exhibitions seldom interest me – I always want to ask questions. I realise that when the mill was in use, times were tough and life very circumscribed, which wouldn’t have suited me, but from the pampered comfort of today it looks refreshingly natural, simple and attractive. I almost want to go there and have a sauna.
        Excellent quote from Paul Theroux: “The best travel is a leap in the dark. If the destination were familiar and friendly what would be the point in going there?”
        It’s how I have always travelled.

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