Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!


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7 Responses to Happy Halloween!

  1. rigbyte says:

    An amusing photograph. The best mathematics lecturer whose classes I followed had one green eye and one brown – he was also slightly cross-eyed. A very gentle and pleasant young man. This is a photo of a real infant, isn’t it? that you’ve ‘doctored? The skin of dolls is always flawless.
    Is All Hallows Eve like Christmas, now – a celebration divorced from its Christian origins?
    I suppose it replaces some pre-christian pagan festival for the dead. It’s always a surprise to me when I see what modern, supposedly scientifically educated humans choose to believe and celebrate.

    • Real child, yes. ūüôā
      At least here in Finland – where Halloween is not a big thing – this is pure fun and has no religious or similar connection.

  2. rigbyte says:

    I’ve just realised, it’s the same child as in your banner.

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