Autumn will not give up

A week ago I posted a picture of the very same rapids during the first frosty morning. Yesterday we had completely different weather, foggy and rainy: perfect day for photographing. – I liked to create a creamy stream in a misty environment using a very dark neutral density filter, ND3.0.

Hirvihaaranjoki, Mäntsälä
(Canon 5D2, 17-40@28mm, Haida ND3.0, 30 sec, f/5.0, ISO100)


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6 Responses to Autumn will not give up

  1. Perfect use of the ND here. Very well done. 🙂

  2. rigbyte says:

    The previous picture is taken from much further away – or is this one using a telephoto? For me this is too dark, and the house, which seems much closer to the water than in the other shot, looks forbidding and unhappy., The water is unreal – like a foam blanket, and takes up too much of the composition. I felt attracted to the previous place, but am repelled by this and would avoid it. Of course it is unfair to judge an art work without knowing the artist’s intentions. What effect were you after in this photo?

    • There is maybe 20 meters distance between these two shots. I took the frosty morning picture from a bridge over the river, and this rainy day picture from the left bank, both with wide angle lens.

      You describe finely the power of photography: how differently the same locations can be photographed and how different feelings those pictures can create. The somehow mysterious river during a dark, gloomy day is the main object of this picture.

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