Autumn cycling

Helsinki, early morning, late October 2012


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12 Responses to Autumn cycling

  1. Dom Weeks Photography says:

    amazing, really captured the feeling of autumn! ūüôā

  2. alinakelo says:

    Lovely capture! Nature and human technology in harmony. Makes me want to take up cycling again

  3. rigbyte says:

    Capture seems to be the ‘in’ word. That is the beauty of photography, it does ‘capture’ the moment, whereas in life every moment is fleeting, never to be experienced twice. The cyclist could have been posed – it was a lucky shot – or did you wait for such an eventuality? What interests me is the light source – on the trunks, it’s obvious, yet the leaves bordering the pathway are equally illuminated on both sides of the track and the shadows of the trunks on the soil almost seem to defy physics. Makes for a very interesting, and beautiful, photograph. How old are the trees? Here they would be about five years old, but I imagine in your colder climate they would be older. Are there many such sylvan paths in Helsinki? And do I ask too many questions? Would you prefer a brief note like everyone else?

    • Lucky shot, as you say. I took maybe five pictures, and the cyclist was only in one of those. It was early in the morning, the first strays of sunlight coming from right. I’m not a a botanist so I can not tell the age of the trees, but probably not tens of years. – And not too many questions at all. I might not be able to answer all of those, but I do my best. ūüôā

  4. Frank Burns says:

    Perfect image!

  5. Helena says:

    Beautiful! Where in Helsinki do I find this path?

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