Palamaton puu – Incombustible wood

Eilen illalla, kun sytytin tulen saunan kiukaaseen, pysähdyin pohtimaan:
“Mitä me ihmiset olisimme nyt, jos puu ei palaisi?”

* * *

Last night, when I was warming up the sauna, I started to ponder:
“What would we humans be today, if wood would not burn?”


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5 Responses to Palamaton puu – Incombustible wood

  1. rigbyte says:

    The world would be more beautiful as the forests would not have been destroyed, perhaps. If wood didn’t burn, then probably nothing organic would burn and fire wouldn’t be possible, and humans would probably not have ventured too far from subtropical or warm temperate regions.

    Any chance of a photo of you in the sauna? Have you an icy pool to plunge into and birch twigs?
    It has been like a sauna here for the last few days, humid and temperatures in the high 30s.

    • Good point, Rigby. – What I’m wondering is how essential burning wood has been for the development of the man.

      Our sauna cabin (only from outside …) some years ago you can see here: No icy pool, but a hot tub outside …

    • “humans would probably not have ventured too far from subtropical or warm temperate regions” … hmmm? We have lot of animals on the colder climates as well, and we humas are animals … so how essential combustible wood has been for our development?

      • rigbyte says:

        The warm blooded animals that live in cold to freezing latitudes have a layer of thick subcutaneous fat and thick pelts usually made up of a soft, thick underlayer of fluffy, heat retaining fur covered by a coarser, waterproof over layer of hair/fur. Many hibernate, or at least semi shut down during the worst seasons. Even wearing heavy garments made from the skins of of animals they’ve killed, I reckon humans need the occasional top up of warmth from fires. Although, apparently the natives of Tierra del Fuego, where it gets very cold, ran around naked, not suffering from the cold, mainly because they had none of the cold-induced illnesses we have like colds and influenza… so I’m probably wrong. Although they also had fires, so… 🙂

  2. Could we have civilization only around volcanoes and hot springs?

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