Amaryllis – 2nd take

I was not totally pleased with my previous amaryllis picture – it didn’t seem to be as sharp as I wished. So I had a second try.

I took the pictures with Canon 5D Mk II. In the first set I used 24-105 mm, and the second set I took with 100 mm macro. Here are some more samples. Click to see them in higher resolution.

EF 24-105@105 mm, 1/125 s, f/4, ISO1250. This is one more edit from the first set.

20121224-5D2-3810EF 100 mm, 1/320 s, f/2.8, ISO100, black and white conversion.


EF 100 mm, 1/80 s, f/5.0, ISO500, with slightly cooler color temperature.


EF 100 mm, 1/80 s, f/2.8, ISO125 with a tad more high key post-prosessing.


And finally my ‘studio’ – it can be rather simple as you can see. 🙂



About Olli Laasanen

Eyes and ears open. New and old. Jobs and hobbies. Pictures and music. Entertaining and serious. Change and stability. Nature and urban.
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2 Responses to Amaryllis – 2nd take

  1. alinakelo says:

    I like the b&w version. It’s intresting how it is zoomed in at the buds and not at the obvious two large flowers. Of the colored versions i like the cooler one. The the swirl the middle petal makes the flower even more interesting!

    • Good points Alina. Using only small f-stop (large aperture) 2.8-5.0 I could blur the background, and at the same time I had to select and decide the point of focus.

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