Happy National Day, Australia!

Australia celebrates its 225th National Day today, 26th of January. Congratulations!

From Wikipedia:

In 1770, James Cook sailed along and mapped the east coast of Australia, which he named New South Wales and claimed for Great Britain. With the loss of its American colonies in 1780, the British Government sent a fleet of ships, the “First Fleet”, under the command of Captain Arthur Phillip, to establish a new penal colony in New South Wales. A camp was set up and the flag raised at Sydney Cove, Port Jackson, on 26 January 1788, a date which became Australia’s national day, Australia Day although the British Crown Colony of New South Wales was not formally promulgated until 7 February 1788. The first settlement led to the foundation of Sydney, the establishment of farming, industry and commerce; and the exploration and settlement of other regions.

I took the following pictures in September 2005, but I believe these night views from Sydney are still today showing one vibrant side of the 12th largest economy of the world.

Australia is also an important for my blogging community. It is among top five on the list of “the most views by country”.

The Star Hotel and Casino complex

The Star Hotel and Casino complex

Sidney Harbour Bridge

Sidney Harbour Bridge

Night view over the Pyrmont Bay

Night view over the Pyrmont Bay


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4 Responses to Happy National Day, Australia!

  1. The Harbor photos are excellent!

  2. rigbyte says:

    Yes the photos are very good, projecting the image Australia desires of a modern freethinking, free enterprise land of independent souls, whereas the other side of the coin is maltreatment of indigenous people, one of the worst records for soil erosion, carbon emissions per person, endangered species and extinctions of animals and birds, habitat destruction, ecological insanity, and forelock tugging to the USA, of which country we are merely a vassal to do whatever they wish. The recently acquired Australian seat on the Security Council is simply one more vote for the USA.. Apologies, as usual, for my jeremiad… 🙂

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