A church and a lighthouse

In Suomenlinna, the fortress island in front of Helsinki, there is a church which is one of the few such buildings in the whole world serving also as a lighthouse. The light signals the letter ‘H’ for Helsinki in morse codes.

Suomenlinna church and a lighthouse.

Suomenlinna church and lighthouse (December 2012)


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7 Responses to A church and a lighthouse

  1. rigbyte says:

    What an astonishing image – full of opposites from the perfectly textureless umber sky to the complementary turquoise lamplight on the rigidly vertical poles that contrast so well with the intricate tracery of bare trees. And then we have the lightly crumpled delicate snow stomped on by the clumpy stolid humans. The snowed-in bicycles add a delightfully quirky touch, suggesting the contradiction inherent in combining a structure dedicated to religion, which has always opposed the shedding of the light of reason on worldly affairs, with a light that beams truthful information about the locality.
    Thanks, I’ve downloaded this.

  2. Religious illumination, indeed… 😉

  3. Debra Kolkka says:

    Great photo of a lovely church.

  4. Beautiful story, a church and a lighthouse, I did’nt know this existed, ,nice photo!

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