Business is like sports

7th to 14th August 1983 Finland hosted the first World Championships in Athletics. East Germany got ten gold medals, more than any other country. Marlies Göhr, who was one of the best 100 meters runners over ten years time, from 1977 to 1988, won 100 meters. I was there and saw that.

Early 1980 Nokia decided to be a big player in telecommunications and consumer electronics. The company had introduced the first automatic cellular phone system. Nokia was heavily investing to concur European  television market.

In the 1983 world championship games Nokia’s logo was very visible in the main screen of Helsinki Olympiastadion. Was that true sponsoring or just showing off the maker of the screen, I don’t know.


Early 1990’s Nokia abandoned television business. Today, year 2013, mobile phones and telecom networks are the only businesses of Nokia. I experienced in Nokia the boom and toughening competition of the telecom business.

Now Nokia is on its knees and looking down as Marlies Göhr 30 years earlier – but for different reasons. Göhr concentrated to win, she knew she could do that. Nokia fights to survive, not to be the number one. At least not soon.

Business is like sports: the race against time and competitors, led by wise coaches. The fittest will win.


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4 Responses to Business is like sports

  1. So true. And every ten years or so, it’s a different athlete taking top spot, in any sport…

  2. Alan says:

    You will find that Nokia handled the timing and computer services for that inaugural IAAF world championships back in 1983

    • Interesting piece of information! Now, 30 years later, today’s Nokia could do the same with advanced IP technology. Phones came later – and are gone now.

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