Chick Corea and Return to Forever, Pori Jazz 1972


Chick Corea in Pori Jazz Festival 15 July 1972

Armando Anthony Corea, better known as Chick Corea was 31 years old, when he visited Finland the first time at Pori Jazz Festival 1972.

This week, as forty years older, he will be in Finland again. This time he plays in Finlandia Hall in Helsinki. If you can not join the concert tomorrow (I can not either), you can travel back in time with these pictures.

In Pori Chick Corea and his legendary band Return to Forever had two concerts. I took these pictures in Yhteislyseo school gym hall on 15 July. The walls were almost breaking when 2000 persons squeezed into the gym made only for 1300 persons. I sat on the floor next to the stage, fighting politely with some others to get some decent pictures of the band.

* * *

Chick Corean ensimmäinen Suomen vierailu oli Pori Jazzeissa 1972. Tämä viikon perjantaina 15.3. hän esiintyy Finlandia-talossa Helsingissä. Jos et pääse seuraamaan tämän viikon esitystä (en minäkään), niin tässä muutama kuvamuisto Porin keikalta 40 vuoden takaa.
Porissa Chick Corea ja hänen legendaarinen yhtyeensä Return to Forever pitivät kaksi konserttia. Otin nämä kuvat yhteislyseon liikuntasalissa lauantaina 15. heinäkuuta 1972. Sali oli tupaten täynnä, kun 2000 ihmistä ahdettiin 1300 henkilölle suunniteltuun tilaan.
Bändin jäsenet: Stanley Clarke (basso), jonka yhteistyö Corean jatkuu edelleen, Joe Farrell (saksofoni ja huilu) kuoli jo 1986, Airto Moreira (lyömäsoittimet) oli mukana yhtyeessä vain 1972-1973 sekä Billy Tragesser (laulu), joka tuurasi yhtyeen vakiolaulajaa (ja Moreiran puolisoa) Flora Purimia.
Olitko siellä? Löydätkö itsesi? - Pori Yhteislyseo 15 July 1972. - Were you there? Do you find yourself?

Olitko siellä? Löydätkö itsesi? – Pori Yhteislyseo 15 July 1972. – Were you there? Do you find yourself?

Stanley Clarke

Stanley Clarke

From Wikipedia’s Return to Forever article: “Through its existence, the band has cycled through a number of different members, with the only consistent band mate of Corea’s being bassist Stanley Clarke.”

A couple of weeks earlier before the gig in Pori, 30 June 1972, Clarke had filled 21 years, and just six months earlier he had made his recording debut on the first Return to Forever album.

Clarke’s collaboration with Corea is still continuing. In this year’s Grammy Awards gala a month ago he played with Corea and Kenny Garrett (sax), with a great success.

Joe Farrell

Joe Farrell

The flute and sax player was Joe Farrell who had played already in the first album of Chick Corea (Tones for Joan’s Bones, 1967). Joe Farrell died 1986 at the age of 48 years only.

In drums played Airto Moreira and the vocalist (and obviously the maracasist) was Billy Tragesser.

Airto Moreira, Bill Tragesser

Airto Moreira, Billy Tragesser

In his official website Airto Moreira (b. 1941) says: “Even before he could walk he would start shaking and banging on the floor every time the radio played a hot song.” His career with the top jazz musicians has proved that he has never lost the skills he had as a child. Moreira was the percussionist in Return to Forever during 1972-1973.

Billy Tragesser was never a permanent member of Return to Forever. He was “temporarily being employed in the absence of the fifth member [Flora Purim] of the band who was busy giving birth to her and Airto’s daughter” (reference).

Return to Forever in Pori Jazz 1972 - Chick Corea (p), Stanley Clarke (b), Joe Farrell (sax, fl), Airto Moreira (perc), Billy Tragesser (voc)

Return to Forever in Pori Jazz 1972 – Chick Corea (p), Stanley Clarke (b), Joe Farrell (sax, fl), Airto Moreira (perc), Billy Tragesser (voc)

When I write this, on the background  plays Light as a Feather, the second album of Return to Forever recored in October 1972. Nice …

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