Leo Wright and Tete Montoliu, Pori Jazz 1972

Leo Wright

Leo Wright

Did Leo Wright visit Finland more than once?

His rather detailed biography mentions Finland in passing and only once: “The same year [1972] Leo Wright gave a guest performance in Finland.” This took place in Pori Jazz Festival 14-15 July 1972. Wright had two concerts and one club gig.

Leo Wright (born 1933 in Texas, US, died 1991 in Vienna, Austria) spent big part of his life in Europe, touring actively in different parts of Europe, also several times behind the iron curtain.

In Pori Leo Wright played with his trio (Rob Langereis, bass and Tony Inzalaco, drums) together with pianist Tete Montoliu.

19720716-13Tete Montoliu, who was blind at birth was born 1933 (like Wright) and died 1997 in Barcelona, Spain. Both Wright and Montoliu were exposed to jazz music and surrounded by jazz musicians already in their families. That surely gave a boost to their exceptional musical development.

For me Tete Montoliu has been one of the favorite jazz player. His two solo albums Music for Perla and Songs for Love (both from early 1970’s) are among my most played LPs.

Leo Wright was a less known saxophonist to me. I do have one LP where he is playing, From Europe With Jazz. The third track on the side A is Ornette Coleman’s Lonely Woman performed by Zurich International Festival All-Stars. Leo Wright was one of the sax players in that band. This LP (I don’t know if that has been released on CD) seems to be hard to find, but catch it if you can. It’s a great collection from three different jazz festivals in Europe during 1971.

Leo Wright was known both as  sax and flute player. He showed his skills with these instruments in Pori as well.

Leo Wright with flute.

Leo Wright with flute.

Leo Wright with alto sax

Leo Wright with alto sax


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