Old-style eating in Bangkok

If you are not too worried about traffic pollution or a noisy environment while having a lunch or dinner, check out Yong Lee restaurant if you are in Bangkok, Thailand. You find it on the corner of Sukhumvit Soi 15. There you can still experience the old-style, non-aircon restaurant with a mix of Chinese and Thai service and food. Worth to try!

The orders were taken by the Lady of the House.


Roasted duck is the speciality of the restaurant.


Happy customers enjoying their meal.


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10 Responses to Old-style eating in Bangkok

  1. Is there also a menu in English? Seems to be important if you order something…

  2. alinakelo says:

    How can I not like this! Love the place.

  3. wow, love the look of this place, we will definitely have to check it out soon! great pictures 🙂

  4. William says:

    We’ve been going here for years. Lots of history and fun to watch people and especially the old lady and her husband. Lot of charm.

  5. Hard to beat Thai street food. Nice tip. Hope to use it soon…

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