Red stones – Punaisia kiviä

This was a stunning view. I was driving a small dirt road in the center Finland, built for forest logging, and saw a pond full of red stones. Why they were so strikingly red? Internet helped me to identify this to be caused by Trentepohlia (iolithus) alga. But why are the red stones mostly close to the roads, and more common today?

Pienen metsäautotien varrella Lestijärvellä oli lampare täynnä punaisia kiviä. Mistä oikein oli kysymys? Yle uutisoi lokakuussa 2011, että kyseessä on trentepohlia-levä. Vastausta vaille on edelleen se, miksi näitä esiintyy teiden varsilla ja onko tämän levän esiintyminen yleistynyt viime vuosina.

Red stones caused by Tretepohlia iolithus.  Lestijärvi, Finland, Sep 2012

Red stones caused by Trentepohlia iolithus. Lestijärvi, Finland, Sep 2012


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1 Response to Red stones – Punaisia kiviä

  1. rigbyte says:

    Interesting. The electricity and telephone poles in New Zealand used to be made of Jarrah, an Australian hardwood, and they all turned the same bright orange-red due to this lichen. Quite a remarkable sight until you got used to them. Most people thought they had been painted The air has to be very clean for the lichens to survive well. A very fine photograph.

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