U.S. Army Band in Finland, Pori Jazz 1976

This is a picture gallery from the visit of U.S. Army Band in Pori Jazz festival July 1976.

US Army Band in front of Pori Town Hall, 16th of July 1976

US Army Band in front of Pori Town Hall, 16th of July 1976

The band had four performances: 15th at Hotel Otava, 16th at Hotel Rantasipi Yyteri and a free gig outside Pori Town Hall, and 17th at Riihiketo School. The members of the band were:

  • Charles Burge, leader
  • Thomas Sherpa, sax
  • Willie Driffin, sax
  • Rosemary Storteboom, sax
  • Clifton McKinney, sax
  • Kim Schoen, sax
  • Michael J Beecher, tp
  • Curtis Boot, tp
  • Lonnie King, tp
  • John Nance, tp
  • Michael Oswald, tb
  • Johnny Miles, tb
  • Terry Bull, tb
  • Rene Rivald, tb
  • Jeffrey Byrkett, tuba
  • Richard Castleman, g
  • Bruce Amsel, b
  • Don Williams, dr
  • Richard Bellmore, dr

(I was not able to name the musicians in the pictures. Maybe somebody can still do that and add the names to comments.)

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13 Responses to U.S. Army Band in Finland, Pori Jazz 1976

  1. These photos looks very good, especially when you consider these are taken in the year 1976.
    In those years most people had a kind of Kodak box… if you know what I mean.
    I found the photos from the Olympics also very good!

    • Thanks Margot. At that time I had Canon FTb SLR (http://bit.ly/15GrW0C) and a couple of lenses. The main thing is that I have saved the negatives which I now have started to scan. (You have maybe noticed that I have posted also other material from 1970’s, and more to come …). I have now handed over these Pori Jazz negatives to Jazz & Pop Archive here in Finland.

      • Olli:
        Speaking of archives, Is there anyway to find video archives of the US Army Band from the Finnish National Television station from Pori Jazz 1976. I remember TV Cameras at the Hotel Rantasipi Yyteri. Also a young Pori lady I met took pictures and sent them to me mention there was a show from the Hotel Rantasipi Yyteri with the US Army Band 1976. Since I found this site I have made contact with Curt Boot. Curt just retired from the Army Band after 32 years. Curt and I signed up for the Army Band the same day. I would love to play there again as a reunion of sorts. Thank you again for all you have done to preserve history and these postings.
        Ric Castleman

        • Thanks for asking Ric. I forwarded your inquiry about the video recordings to the Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE. I let you know how the answer. – And would be great to hear you and your band mates play together one day! 🙂

  2. A great, historic document!

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  4. Great Pictures. I’m the Guitar Player/Vibe player in those pictures. Richard Castleman, still playing guitar.

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