Red and blue

The new office buildings offer often a good opportunity for the high dynamic range (HDR) photography. I took these pictures in Ruoholahti, Helsinki. The building is HTC Helsinki, made of strikingly red and blue elements.

20090617-G9-5874_DP_hdr 20090617-G9-5876_LR_7_LR_8_LR 20130326-G15-2241_2_3_6


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5 Responses to Red and blue

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very crisp photography indeed! But what a garish monstrosity. Reitveld’s chair writ large. Bauhaus behemoth. I realise we live in a very unsubtle age, but this is an overstated nightmare. Do they dry the washing in the spaces underneath? What’s that blue box leaning drunkenly on the grey box and apparently going nowhere? I pity anyone suffering from acrophobia who has to use the stairs.
    Perhaps if I saw the structure in its entirety, in the location, I might understand the architect’s intentions and appreciate it, but these bits, although beautifully photographed, are not a pleasant sight.

    As you probably guessed, anonymous is Rigby. WordPress wasn’t responding.

    • The architect was professor Kai Wartiainen, who according to Finnish Wikipedia “has criticized that too much emphasis has been put on technology in architecture” … Rigby, you can see the whole building, if you click “HTC Helsinki” in my blog text.

      The reference to Reitveld’s chair is hilarious – and obvious!

  2. rigbyte says:

    Goodness! what a bizarre construction. Very clever, but unattractive in my opinion. Top heavy. It seems as if the architect has deliberately jettisoned all notion of balance, harmony, and, dare I say it, beauty, in order to shock and impress, in the same way as young children will sometimes swear at their parents in order to assert their independence.
    Little stick legs, a vast square box exposing its supports as if to prove it is really too big for the base, all surmounted by a vast curved box that’s been dumped on top with bits left hanging over the edge as if waiting for someone to straighten it up.
    I’d say Helsinki has been conned. In my opinion it’s an ugly, childish, probably unnecessarily expensive construction – although I’ll bet the inside is quite the opposite – pleasant and attractive. And I suppose you disagree with me. 🙂

    • it’s hard to disagree with you, Rigby. 🙂 Your analytical eye (and knowledge of design and architecture in general) is far more superior to mine. But some of the details I like. I also got feedback about the building as a workplace: it is very nice with a view to the sea.

      • rigbyte says:

        Yes, I imagined it would be very fine inside. I realise this is essentially a photography blog, so I hope my peripheral comments don’t irritate you. I am learning a great deal about Finland from your work, thanks.

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