Sakura in Stockholm

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, has turned to mini Japan two days ago: the cherry trees are blossoming (also called sakura) splendidly in Kungsträgården, one of the central parks of the city. We were lucky to see this as the blossom will last only a few days.






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11 Responses to Sakura in Stockholm

  1. Reblogged this on My Weekender and commented:
    How pretty is this!!!???

  2. Oh, some lovely photos here! I didn’t know there was cherry blossom in Stockholm.

  3. fantastic photo! We don’t expect cherry blossoms in Stockholm this time of year. You might think that the trees were copied and pasted, so many beautiful blossoms.

  4. Hi there, the first photo is amazing!

  5. Olli this is very, very beautiful, and inspirational too. I know it may sound crazy but decoration like this, whit nature, should be more vastly used across streets. I think it would help people to connect with the environment instead of cement and cold-steel buildings.

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