Dexter Gordon smiling

I don’t know with whom Dexter Gordon was discussing during the break in Kirjurinluoto at Pori Jazz, July 18, 1976, but he seemed to have a great time.

(Edit 2, June 10: We now strongly believe that Dexter is discussing with Red Mitchell, bassist in his quartet. Facebook discussion helped.)


Dexter Gordon having a good mood (Pori Jazz July 18, 1976)


A bit more serious Dexter (Pori Jazz, July 18, 1976)

1976 was the last year for Dexter Gordon in Europe, after living 15 years mainly in Paris and Copenhagen. Has he already at the time of this trip to Finland in July decided to move back to the USA? Was that the reason for his obvious relaxed mood? (In December 1976 he recorded one of his most acclaimed double LP “Homecoming: Live at the Village Vanguard“.)

To my knowledge this was the only time Dexter Gordon played in Pori Jazz Festival. The members of the quintet were Allan Botschinsky (tp) from Denmark, Esko Linnavalli (p) from Finland, Red Mitchell (b) from the USA (who at that time lived in Sweden) and Esko ‘Rusina’ Rosnell (dr) from Finland.

Unfortunately I did not take a picture of the whole quintet, but here you can see Gordon on the stage.


Dexter Gordon Quintet at Pori Jazz stage, 18 July 1976

I photographed Dexter Gordon five years earlier in Vaasa Youth Festival, Finland in June 1971. See the gallery of this blog post, there are three pictures of him.

Edit June 10: I added two more pictures in this blog, Dexter off the stage (the small picture) and Dexter playing intensively. (It’s a pity that the other person in this picture is somewhat distracting, but I guess there are never too many pictures of Dex.)


Dexter Gordon on the stage, Pori Jazz, 18 July 1976


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  1. Great photos! That must have been an awesome experience!

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