It’s time to celebrate Midsummer!

Today and tomorrow we Finns celebrate Midsummer,  or as we call it in Finnish, Juhannus.  The day before the eve we need to get out of the cities and head towards countryside, which creates the biggest traffic jams or the year at the main roads. The whole official and commercial Finland is closed during Friday, Midsummer Eve and Saturday, Midsummer Day – Midsummer in Finland is always during the weekend, unlike in many other countries.

On Midsummer Eve we gather around small and big bonfires, preferably close to the water. (There are 187.888 lakes in Finland, many rivers and 1.250 km of coastline, so that is an easy job.) Many of us meet friends, eat sausages, drink ‘refreshments’ and have fun – or just relax and enjoy the shortest nights of the year.

Midsummer fest at Hirvihaarankoski, Mäntsälä, June 2011

Midsummer fest at Hirvihaarankoski, Mäntsälä, June 2011


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4 Responses to It’s time to celebrate Midsummer!

  1. rigbyte says:

    What a delightful photograph – like an illustration for a fairytale – only the power lines spoil the sylvan scene. Are you tempted to remove them from the print? Meanwhile, I am shivering in the coldest and longest night of the year.

  2. What a wonderful bonfire and I’m sure everyone had fun celebrating Midsummer.

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