Colombia celebrates independence today!

203 years ago, July 20, 1810 Colombia declared independence from Spain after 300 years of colonization. Congratulations!

Today Colombia is the fourth largest economy in Latin America, maybe best know for the great coffee it produces.

Here is a picture gallery from Bogotá. Many of the pictures are from Quinta de Bolívar, a colonial house which is now used as a museum dedicated to Simón Bolívar‘s life and times. Bolívar (1783-1830) played a key role in the successful pursuit for Colombia’s independence.

I have earlier posted a panorama of Bolívar Square, the main administrative area, and blogged about Fernando Botero, the most famous Colombian artists. You might like to check those as well.

Click any picture to open the gallery.

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2 Responses to Colombia celebrates independence today!

  1. sarepa says:

    Awesome shots!

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