Tomasz Stańko Quintet was in Pori Jazz 1973 – and will be in Helsinki this December

Good news: we will have a new jazz festival in Finland, We Jazz 2013 (FB page, tickets) in December, announced today. One of the main artists will be Tomasz Stańko from Poland, with his international quintet. This made me dive in to my memories and dig up these pictures I took forty years ago.


Tomasz Stańko

I have heard Stańko’s live trumpet only once, at Pori Jazz 1973. He was then (and is still today) one of the brightest stars of the modern jazz in Europe. In Pori the other members of the quintet were


Zbiegniew Seifert and alto sax

The three gigs this quintet had in Pori in July 1973 where probably among the last ones: the quintet disbanded the very same year. If you like to hear how the band was playing at that time, listen the album  Music for K (← Spotify link).

My b&w negatives from this concert in Pori Yhteislyseo school on July 13, 1973 were not in the best quality, but nevertheless, they are documents from that time and gig. – Unfortunately I did not take any pictures of Muniac and Suchanek, only portraits of Stańko, Seifert and Stefanski.


Tomasz Stańko


Zbiegniew Seifert with violin


Janusz Stefanski


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