Enlightenment á la McCoy Tyner

The Enlightenment. A philosophical movement of the 18th century that emphasized the use of reason to scrutinize previously accepted doctrines and traditions and that brought about many humanitarian reforms. (Ref.)

Enlightenment: the state of having knowledge or understanding; the act of giving someone knowledge or understanding. (Ref.)

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Source: Wikipedia

Jazz pianist McCoy Tyner (b. 1938) and his quartet (Azar Lawrence, sax (b. 1953), Juini Booth, bass (b. 1948) and Alphonse Mouzon, drums, b 1948)) recorded a live album named Enlightenment in Montreux Jazz Festival on July 7, 1973. Listen one track from this album here.

Just a week later on July 14 the quartet visited Pori Jazz Festival, most likely having the same program as in Montreux.

I can not remember any details from that concert, but McCoy Tyner was going to be one of my favorite jazz musicians during the years to come. The energy and – can I say – intelligence he and his quartet had in that concert was tremendous.

McCoy Tyner Quartet in Pori Jazz July 14, 1973 (from left: McCoy Tyner (p), Azar Lawrence (sax), Juini Booth (b) and Alphonse Mouzon (dr))

McCoy Tyner Quartet in Pori Jazz July 14, 1973 (from left: McCoy Tyner (p), Azar Lawrence (sax), Juini Booth (b) and Alphonse Mouzon (dr))

Why Tyner gave such a name to this album? I don’t know, but he is like the 18th century’s rational thinkers transferred into jazz. The music is fully exposed, he is taking the tradition of jazz forward, he is sharing his knowledge and understanding of the deeper meaning of jazz.

His music may not be the easiest jazz, but when has the scrutinizing of the traditions been easy?


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  1. dianaed2013 says:

    Great to have some thinking

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