Microclimates of the Andes

When driving in the Andes, you can now and then see a small, lush, green stripe on the bottom of the valley: a microclimate. They are like small paradises within the harsh, dry desert.

The all-knowing Wikipedia tells that the microclimate “is a local atmospheric zone where the climate differs from the surrounding area. The term may refer to areas as small as a few square feet (for example a garden bed) or as large as many square miles.”

I took the picture below while driving the winding road 52 from Uspallata to Mendoza in Argentina. It is a fine, sometimes thrilling road. You should take that if you think the main roads are boring. 😉 And stop for a while inside the greenery.

Micro-climate valley in the Andes

Microclimate valley in the Andes


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4 Responses to Microclimates of the Andes

  1. rigbyte says:

    A spectacular photograph, evoking both the strength and fragility of Nature. Objectively, it is probably a shame that humans have built the road and discovered this tiny sliver of life, because they’ll stop for a break, drop their rubbish, leak oil, make a fire and introduce alien species that will alter or most probably destroy it. The yellow flowering shrub is delightful, but the bulldozed scar in the side of the mountain is troubling. Heavy rains, scouring, interruption of natural water table and flows will lead to future problems.
    [My usual doom and gloom 🙂 ] It’s a wonderful photograph, the mountains are spectacular, geologically young and so rugged. The distant grand buttress is sublime. Thanks for sharing it.

    • Thanks Rigby for your comment and thoughts. I have no reason defend the misbehaving of man, but the microclimates I saw looked nice and pretty well kept.

  2. I remember driving in Iceland’s West fjords a few years ago, and my host was like… ‘it’s snowing here, let’s go to the next town’. Sure enough, twenty minutes later there wasn’t any snow! What a microclimate that was, due to the many mountains around..

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